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Working with home improvement contractors can be a good experience if you hire a competent, reputable crew. If you don’t, your remodel will be stressful at best and disastrous at worst. Renovation Legal vets contractors, negotiates strong contracts on your behalf, advises to help keep your project running smoothly, and provides legal support if disputes arise. Think of it as disaster prevention, disaster mitigation, and disaster correction.

planning a renovation, midway, not going as expected? Renovation Legal can help.

Suite of services

attorney contracts are custom, anticipating issues, protecting you and your home

Coaching, guidance & support

renovation disaster, remodeling gone wrong

Advocacy & dispute resolution

Renovation Legal facilitates renovations by proactively helping homeowners avoid common construction pitfalls. But if you’ve already signed a contract and are experiencing project issues, shoddy work, or contractor disputes, it’s not too late. We’ll review your case and give you options.

Bathroom remodel managed by Renovation Legal. This 1960s home had been almost destroyed by previous work including plastic showers on top of old plumbing. We took it down to the studs and rebuilt from scratch.

The scales are tipped in favor of contractors in the remodeling process because contractors have experience with construction while most homeowners don’t. It’s a dynamic readily abused by unethical service providers. The unsuspecting homeowner discovers problems too late and is left feeling helpless. It’s a recipe for disaster in a market where demand for contractors is high and vetting precautions are often thrown to the wind.

Replacing a flat roof membrane. Flat roofs are problematic to begin with because they encourage draining issues. A thick membrane, proper sloping and drains prevent water accumulation.

A community of support

Home improvements can be overwhelming at times. It’s helpful to connect with people in the same situation. Home Renovation and Restoration Support Group (HRRSG) is an active Facebook community of homeowners and contractors. Join us to share stories, discuss projects, ask questions, pick up tips, or browse posts for ideas.

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